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Welcome to Resch Brewing & Distillery!

We are excited to welcome guests at Paddington's first micro brewery and distillery. Come along and experience a fresh brew straight from the tank, shake hands with our brewer and enjoy a beer at the Imperial Hotel. 


A Family History

Our story begins with our forefather, Edmund Resch, whose unwavering dedication to brewing excellence. For decades, the Resch's name was synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in the brewing world. Today, we proudly carry on his legacy, all be it, on a much smaller scale. 

Beyond Beer: Craft Spirits 

As enthusiasts of flavor exploration, we have extended our craft to include spirits as well. Experience the same commitment to quality in every drop of our hand-distilled spirits. From smooth gin blends to vodka, and even plans for a spiced rum!

Join us for a Paddington brewing experience and we hope to see you soon at the Imperial Hotel Paddington!

Try our new Paddington Pale Ale at the Imperial Hotel Paddington

An easy drinking, modern Australian Pale Ale, the new local’s favourite on tap!

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